• Sonnet Fitzgerald

Education Additions!

What a craaaazy month. I've had edits stacked to the sky, as well as house construction and both my kiddos graduating in a few weeks. Yikes!

That said, right now I have an open slot at the end of June. If you've got a manuscript ready to go, let's talk!

I also am pleased to announce the addition of three new editing courses to my resume. This month I've taken:

  • Copyediting: Advanced

  • Multimedia Copyediting, and

  • SEO Writing

all thanks to an outstanding sale in Mediabistro's continuing education department. I'm thrilled any time I can improve my skills, and these were great courses! I learned a lot, especially in relation to online content and digital media.

I hope you're all well and getting ready for a relaxing summer.


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