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Thank you!

What a busy summer. July was spent working on my biggest project to date, an edit that took over 200 hours to complete. And over the following eight weeks in August and September, I edited seven manuscripts! Normally I try to schedule no more than two a month. All that during a time when we had tornadoes, floods, the start of a new school year, and my computer kicked the bucket unexpectedly (let's hear it for online backups!)

So it's been a bit crazy around here. Despite the long hours, I have wanted to tell my clients for a while just how much I appreciate you. I love this job. I wake up happy every morning that I can do work that I find so exciting and fulfilling. I smile every time I think about how I had a hand in bringing enjoyable, accessible books to the market.

I know authors have an overwhelming number of options when looking for an editor, and I know the cost can sometimes produce sticker shock if you don't know how much work editing can take. My aim is to always provide excellent value for my clients, giving them the highest-quality editing available at a reasonable price. Even so, there's no shortage of qualified, experienced, professional editors out there. So why work with me?

I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm a single parent. My kids are fifteen and twelve, and they have been through a lot in their lives. When you choose to work with me as your editor, that money goes right to them. This summer your work bought my youngest a bike and helmet, and he rides it every single day. Your work bought new shoes for my oldest that she loves. Your work bought good backpacks for the kids that won't fall apart halfway through the year. Your work let me buy boards to fix the hole in the deck so no one will get hurt.

So I wanted to write a post to tell my amazing clients thank you, and to let you know that I am grateful every day for you and your writing. I love being part of this process with you. Here's to a productive autumn for all of us!

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