It's a Heat-This-Home SALE!

Hi, I’m Sonnet. Welcome to my website, if we haven’t met before!

Last night there was a gas leak in our neighborhood. Dozens of police officers and fire department personnel were out in the back yards with flashlights trying to find the source. All very exciting… until they traced the leak back to my furnace exhaust.

My 5-year-old furnace completely broke down, badly enough to be pumping out natural gas and carbon monoxide, and it needs to be replaced. Furnaces are a couple thousand dollars. I live in Minnesota, and it’s December--going without a furnace just isn’t an option.

I’m also a single mom to two amazing teenagers who have been through a lot, and I was laid off from my in-house job in May due to the pandemic. We’ve been skating by since then on my (tiny) savings, but this is an expense I just can’t cover, and we have no choice. I’m stuck.

So to raise money for a new furnace I am offering a SALE on all editing services: Copy or developmental editing, your choice, any length or genre, for $0.01/word. This represents approximately 50-75% savings over my normal fees. Times are tough for everyone right now, so take advantage of this opportunity to get your editing done at a low price while also helping me and the kids stay in our home!

Got a novel you’re ready to submit? Got ad copy you want a second pair of eyes on? Got a short story you want to enter in a contest? Let’s do it!

Fill out the contact form or send me an email at, and I can answer any questions or get you started.

Thanks for looking, booking, or sharing. I hope you’re all staying safe and well.

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