A Good Reason for Not Blogging

It has been forever since I updated my blog, I know. But I have a good reason.

The first year I worked as a freelance editor I edited three books, and I was so proud! Three people trusted me with their creation, three clients thought my services were worth paying for! Within a couple of years I was able to bring my editing to full-time status, and if I did 10-12 books in a year I considered it a good year.

2017 is quickly drawing to a close, and if all my scheduled edits continue, I will have worked on over forty books this year. Forty! The feedback I am seeing has been amazing, and I am humbled and honored that so many authors trust me to read their work. It hasn’t come without costs: I’m not going to make my goal of reading 125 books for pleasure this year, my friends have been neglected, my blog posts have dried up to almost nothing. But it is thrilling and joyful in ways I can’t even describe that my goal of helping writers has succeeded.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for letting me be a part of bringing your work into the world. I’m overjoyed when you find my suggestions helpful, when we just click and make good books even better. This work is all that I hoped for and more, and I can’t wait to see what books 2018 brings.

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