Hiring an editor is easier than you think! Drop me an email and I will talk you through the entire process. We'll talk about your work, what you are looking for, and the different services I offer. I'll do a free sample edit, and you can decide how you want to go forward.

Editing is an intimate experience, and not every editor is right for every author. If we chat and just don't 'click,' then we part ways. No hard feelings.


  • Send your manuscript as a Word document, 12pt font and 1.5 line spacing, preferably in a sans-serif font.

  • DO NOT send images, pictures, hyperlinks, or .pdfs.

  • Certain projects can be done in Scrivener or Google Docs, email me for details.

  • You confirm that any work you submit is your own creation and that you own the rights to it. You agree that I will not be held responsible for any charges of plagiarism, libel, or copyright infringement.

  • Copy editing will be done to Chicago Manual of Style 17th ed. and Merriam-Webster 11th ed., which are the current industry standards for fiction.

Rights and Guarantees

  • Either you or I can cancel our agreement at any time. If the agreement is canceled after editing work has begun but before it is finished, you are responsible for (and only for) payment for the hours already worked.

  • Copyright to any submitted work remains solely and entirely with the author. I agree to protect your rights, and will not show your work to any other person at any time.

  • All editing, whether developmental or copy editing, is offered only as an educated suggestion. Your ownership of your manuscript is respected, and the decision to accept or reject every edit is entirely yours.

  • You are hiring me to polish and refine written text. While I bring specific education and experience to the job, no editor can guarantee that a job will always be 100% free from errors. In addition, the publishing market is always dependent on the subjective whims of readers, agents, and acquisition editors. While my work can give you a better chance of success, I make no guarantee of publication or sales.



  • Unless otherwise specified, I agree to edit one draft or version of your manuscript. If you would like to do another round of editing after revisions have been made, it will be quoted and charged separately.

  • The manuscript submitted must be similar in quality and editing needs as the sample used to provide a quote. In the event that the manuscript differs significantly in quality, thus requiring additional time and work, I will notify you of the price difference ASAP. You have the choice of agreeing to the new fee or stopping work and receiving a partial refund.

  • Individual lessons and coaching are charged at $30/hour. This includes how to use Word or Track Changes, grammar lessons, writing coaching, and any other instruction.

  • In the event that a project requires tasks such as phone calls, Skype or face-to-face meetings, research, photocopies, postage, printing, or any other work outside of editing, it will be billed at my standard hourly rate.

  • For purposes of estimation, the length of a “page” will use the publishing standard of 250 words.

  • At this time I do not offer formatting, layout, cover design, or marketing services.

  • PLEASE do not ask me to leave reviews of your book once published. This is not only unethical, it can be considered collusion and will get your books banned from Amazon.


  • Paypal is the easiest method of payment. It allows you to use a checking account or credit card, and offers us both security and protection. I also accept personal checks, but a check must arrive and clear my bank before work begins. If you wish to pay via check you must let me know before I begin editing.

  • For most projects payment is due within 15 days of completion of the editing service. Certain projects may require a percentage to be paid up front to hold the space in my schedule.

  • Late payments will be charged interest of 5% per month.

  • Projects quoted at more than $500 are eligible for payment plans. Payments can be broken down over several months. A 15% surcharge will apply, but the extra time is beneficial to some authors. If you would like to use a payment plan, email me.

By engaging my services you agree to abide by the above terms