I offer several services to fit your needs. If you're unsure about what your manuscript requires, contact me! If it's not a service I offer, I can always refer you to a colleague.


  • Developmental Editing - By far my most popular service, developmental editing looks at the structure of the story. I will do an in-depth read and provide suggestions for how to strengthen your plot, characters, dialogue, tension, tone, and pacing. Areas that could benefit from changes are identified and discussed.

  • Copy Editing - Often done after any changes made during the developmental phase, copy editing looks at the language rather than the structure of the story. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are checked against CMOS, and any awkward or unclear wording is adjusted.

  • English Translation Cleanup - I began offering this service last year, and discovered I really enjoy it! International authors who wish to publish their book in the U.S.A. or who are not native English speakers will benefit from this service. I go through your translation line by line, making sure every sentence uses correct American English and will appeal to a U.S. audience.

  • Sensitivity Reads - I have offered sensitivity reads in a variety of areas via Write In The Margins for about two years now. I currently do SRs for LGBTQ issues including transgender, disability / obesity, mixed-race families (especially those formed via adoption) and domestic violence.




Contact me for a free sample edit!


Fees are quoted per-project based on a rough estimate of how much work the manuscript will require. Copy editing or proofreading costs  $45 per hour and the average novel takes between 10 and 25 hours to edit. Developmental editing and translation cleanup are more in-depth and require more specific skills. They are charged at $55 per hour and a typical book takes anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to edit, sometimes more for translation.


You will always be given a firm quote before engaging my services.


Payment plans are available! For projects over $500, payments may be spread over several months. A 15% fee applies.


Paypal is my preferred payment method, and fees are due at the completion of the project. If you wish to pay via business or personal check, contact me for more information.

About Sonnet


I have worked as an editor and publishing consultant for several years, and I love my work! There is no greater joy than getting to be present at the birth of a book. My job is to help you communicate exactly the way you want to, in a manner that helps  you reach your goals.


  • Professional member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Editors Association of Earth. 

  • EFA social media Team Lead

  • Past panelist and current moderator, Ask an Editor

  • Tabled for the EFA at events including AWP / the Association of Writer's and Writer's Programs Conference and the Native American Literature Symposium

  • Mentor to more than a dozen upcoming editors

  • B.A., Spanish, University of Oregon. I have also taken multiple educational courses in writing and editing.


I am crazy about the natural beauty of my home state, Minnesota. I'm a single mother to two amazing teenagers, and when I'm not editing or driving them around I'm usually working in my garden.