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I'm Sonnet, a language and content specialist based in Minneapolis.

I've loved language as far back as I can remember. I was talking at six months old and reading by the time I was two. It never stops blowing my mind that humans can perfectly transfer ideas and concepts from one brain to another using just sounds or letters! I majored in Spanish, and these days I learn other languages for fun.


I took my love of words to the publishing industry, where I worked with authors and publishers for more than twelve years. I have been credited on over 400 books! I'm a great copy editor and proofreader, but I was mostly known for my narrative skills. I love looking at the architecture of a story and helping to shape it in a way that gives the biggest emotional payoff for the reader. I also worked as a cleanup artist for machine-translated text, making it sound more human, and did a number of sensitivity reads to ensure authenticity, respectful representation, and inclusive language. I was heavily involved in the book editing community, including conferences, panel discussions, and teaching.

At my most recent job, I've had the opportunity to work on content for software applications, and I discovered a love for UX content writing and editing. Microcopy, help files, onboarding - the way we speak to our users is the foundation of their experience, and therefore of our success. I've enjoyed exploring this side of language, and developing ways to make communication as efficient and accessible as possible.

In my free time you'll find me reading, hiking around a state park, or cuddling with my cat, Agate.

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